I spent fifteen years as a Big 4 consultant who traveled around the world making giant corporations and governments more money. Now I use my business and tech skills to help small biz owners like you do the same.

This site aims to capture my notes, tools and tips for using technology on the cheap to help your business compete with the big companies who pay big bucks to maintain a digital edge over everybody else.  And of course I'll be sharing all this with you, my faithful reader who either has a small business or has been dreaming of starting one.  

By working smart and utilizing cheap or free software a small business can begin to chip away at the unfair digital advantages the big companies can afford.

These days you can find me floating in Seattle aboard our sailboat with my wife and three children.  In addition to my technology companies, we've owned and operated Jibe Espresso Bar for the past 5 years so I understand well the challenges faced by today's mom and pop shops.

Thanks for visiting and here's to you and your journey of entrepreneurship in whatever form that may take.   Good luck, work smart and don't forget to have fun.

Roland Rodriguez